Death toll in the population on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia during WWII and immediately afterwards


The fatalities name list is the result of scientifically-based historiography and victimology research, conducted at the Institute of Contemporary History in Ljubljana between 1997 and 2012. The list includes individuals who, between April 1941 and January 1946, lost their lives due to wartime violence and due to revolutionary violence or war-related issues immediately after the war.

In terms of geography, the list is limited to the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and encompasses people who during the WWII enjoyed residential rights in the said territory. Positive identification of each victim is ensured by 25 categories of information, forming the so-called victim's personal card which the research tries to establish with every person.

The list has been formed on the basis of systematic review of the literature, newspapers, archives and other documentary material in order to assess the total volume of human lives lost. The collected information has also been checked against the civil registers: in the duration of the research 53,473 names, entered into the death registers, could be verified.

Current number of death tolls on line: 100015
Last update: 05.10.2022