A History of Central European Countries at the End of World War Two

Jezik: angleški / slovenski
Vrsta gradiva: Besedilo
Leto: 2008
Založnik(i): Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino, Ljubljana
Identifier: COBISS.SI-ID 239512832
Posamezni prispevki:
  • Zdenko Čepič: The War is Over. What Now?, A Reflection on the End of the World War Two
  • Dušan Nećak: From Monopolar to Bipolar World: Key Issues of the Classic Cold War
  • Slavomir Michalek: Czechoslovak Foreign Policy after World War Two. New Winds or Mere Dreams?
  • Ignac Romsics: American Wartime Plans for a New Hungary and the Paris Peace Conference, 1941-1947
  • Nevenka Troha: The Class and the Nationality: the Example of Trieste 1945
  • Davide Artico: Population Transfers to and From Lower Silesia after World War Two
  • Jakub Tyszkiewicz: Communist Propaganda in the German Provinces Ceded to Poland (1945-1989)
  • Cristian Promitzer: How Not to Constitute a Minority. The Slovenians in Austrian Styria at the End of World War Two
  • Vida Deželak Barič: Preparations of the Communist Party of Slovenia for the Takeover of Power 1944-1945
  • Jerca Vodušek Starič: A Model for "People's Democracy"., Some Backgrounds of the Tito-Šubašić Provisional Yugoslav Government
  • Zdenko Radelić: Communist Authority and Opposition in Croatia after 1945
  • Aleš Gabrič: Opposition in Slovenia in 1945
  • Božo Repe: Changes in Life Style and Social and National Structures in Slovenia after World War Two
  • Dušan Segeš: The Slovak Question and its International Context during World War Two
  • Mario Jareb: Illusions of a "Final Victory" and the "Fate of Small European Nations"., Media and Propaganda of the Independent State of Croatia in 1945
  • Damijan Guštin: Satisfaction of the Victors and Confirmation of the Defeated., Persecuting War Criminals in Slovenia 1945
  • Mitja Ferenc: Absent from Public Memory., Hidden Grave Sites in Slovenia 60 Years After the End of World War Two
  • Michael Wedekind: German Scholarly Elites and Social-Ethnic Reorganization of Occupied Slovenia by the Third Reich
  • Michal Šimunek: "German Science Committed an Offence"., German Life Sciences and Czech Post-War Reflections, 1945-1948