Vilfanove pobude za objavljanje zgodovinskih virov

Avtor(ji): Mihelič, Darja
Jezik: slovenski / angleški
Vrsta gradiva: Besedilo
Leto: 2007
Založnik(i): Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Soavtor(ji): Nataša Budna Kodrič (ur.), Tatjana Šenk (ur.), Magda Lojk (lekt.), Doris Debenjak (nem. prev. ), mag. Niko Hudelja (nem. prev.), Katarina Kambič (ang. prev.), Martin Cregeen (ang. prev.), Tatjana Rodošek (foto.)
Zbirka: Gradivo in razprave : 30

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      • Vilfanove pobude za objavljanje zgodovinskih virov
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      • Vilfan's Initiativesfor Publishing Historical Sources
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      • Darja Mihelič
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      • Publishing Slovene historical sources and awareness that there must be a planned nroach to such work date to the beginning of the 20th Century. After the Second World War, plans fór studies of Slovene economic and social history gave rise to systematic efforts to catalogue, selecí and publish archive material containing important data about our past. In November and December 1969 and January 1970, the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Archive Society of Slovenia prepared three consultative meetings of experts on publishing Slovene historical sources. At the last of them, those present authorised the director of the Municipal Archive Ljubljana, Sergij Vilfan and Jože Žontar to prepare a draft programme of publication of Slovene historical sources. In September 1972 a consultative meeting on publishing sources held in the premises of the Academy adopted a programme still current today, which was later published in a small brochure. Sergij Vilfan was extremely competent for planning a programme of editions of Slovene historical sources, as he had already shown in the two decades that he had headed the Municipal Archive Ljubljana. There he encouraged his associate Božo Otorepec to publish annually from 1956 to 1968 medieval sources connected with the history of Ljubljana; this also encouraged Jože Mlinarič to do similar work for the city of Maribor. Even later, when their professional paths diverged, Vilfan followed Oto- repec's work and constantly encouraged his friend to publish his copies of Originals: both those which he retyped for his extensive file of medieval documents on Slovenia, and others that he preserved in manuscript form in numerous notebooks. Vilfan had his own approach to publishing archive sources. He believed that they should be published as simply as possible, that the publisher of the original should not therefore lose time himself studying the content of the sources but should provide the possibility of ongoing study of the original to other researchers. The publication of two Ljubljana trade books from the 16* Century, for which Božo Otorepec contributed the transcription and Sergij Vilfan and Vlado Valenčič the cogent accompanying studies, was an excellent, clear example of his ideas of the division of work in a single publication. As a member of the International Commission for the History of Towns, Vilfan tried to »transplant« the projects of the commission that concerned the publication of sources, into Slovene professional activities. One such project aimed to publish selected sources for the early period of the history of medieval towns, for individual European countries. He planned such a publication for Slovenia. The plan remained unrealised because of the profesor's fatal illness. The other activity of the commission that was also a specific kind of publication of sources, historical maps, was the preparation of historical atlases of the medieval towns of European countries. This plan did not at first seem realisable to Vilfan for the territory of Slovenia, because it seemed too expensive for the then circumstances Gradually, though, he began to think about this project although, mainly because of the lack of experts to do such work, it remained a distant dream. Times and the inclination to publish books of Originals are changing today. Modern Computer technology has recendy given rise to the mistaken belief among nonexperts that a Computer can automatically replace the author of an edition of Originals. These are dreams of the future that will never be realised, because of the scientific contributions of authors that accompany the publication of Originals. Many of us would like to hear Professor Vilfan's opinion and his ideas and initiatives on Contemporary possibilities and dilemmas in connection with publishing archive Originals. The professor would undoubtedly have found good Solutions, but we will have to find them ourselves.
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      • Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana, Ljubljana
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      • Gradivo in razprave : 30
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      • Nataša Budna Kodrič (ur.)
      • Tatjana Šenk (ur.)
      • Magda Lojk (lekt.)
      • Doris Debenjak (nem. prev. )
      • mag. Niko Hudelja (nem. prev.)
      • Katarina Kambič (ang. prev.)
      • Martin Cregeen (ang. prev.)
      • Tatjana Rodošek (foto.)
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