Brskovo in vrednost srebra v srednjem veku

Avtor(ji): Voje, Ignac
Jezik: slovenski
Vrsta gradiva: Besedilo
Leto: 1956
Založnik(i): Zgodovinsko društvo za Slovenijo, Ljubljana
Soavtor(ji): Bogo Grafenauer (odgovorni urednik)

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      • Brskovo in vrednost srebra v srednjem veku
    • dcterms:alternative
      • Brskovo and the Value of the Silver in the Middle Ages
    • dcterms:creator
      • Ignac Voje
    • dcterms:subject
      • Brskovo
      • srednji vek
      • gospodarska zgodovina
      • srebro
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      • In the first part of the article the author speaks about Brskovo which has been so far generally considered to have come to extinction during the second half od the XIV. century. On basis of concrete data gathered from the Debita notariae (The Dubrovnik State Archives, series XXXVI) he proves that Brskovo was during the sixties of the XIV. century an important marketing place and its mine still producing, silver. This is indicated by rather high sums which the merchants from Brskovo took on credit in Dubrovnik. Particularly important is a note written in an obligation and dated February 1st, 1357: »de yperperis 24 libra argenti fini«. It proves that silver from Brskovo had a similarly excellent quality during the XIV. century as it had during the XIII. century. The value of usual silver was namely at that time only 16 ½ perpere.
    • dcterms:publisher
      • Zgodovinsko društvo za Slovenijo, Ljubljana
    • dcterms:contributor
      • Bogo Grafenauer (odgovorni urednik)
    • dcterms:date
      • 1956
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      • Text
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      • SISTORY:ID:66
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      • slv
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